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What's your (heli-ski) type?
08/08/2019 12:31pm

Throughout the season we have a lot of different guests that heli-ski with us. That means a wide range of abilities, experience and courage. With our guides and packages, we can cater to all of them but to make the right choices we need to know beforehand who’s coming out with us. So being sure which type of heli-skier you are is crucial for a perfect day!

Take our little quiz to get an idea of which category you belong in and what package caters best to your needs. Simply count which letter you choose the most and find out more here.

1)   How well do you know the backcountry?

A.   Backcountry? Like, the garden behind my house?

B.   I’ve been there once or twice. 

C.  Alright, I guess. But I have to hurry, I am off to a five-day ski-touring mission at Black Peak.


2) Are you a good skier/snowboarder?

A.   I have only started recently but I’m getting better every year. I am thinking of doing my first black run tomorrow. 

B.   Yes, I am. I have skied for a long time but living in a big city means I usually only go once or twice a year. 

C.  Yeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!


3) What’s your favourite terrain?

A.   I’ve said goodbye to the magic carpet a while ago but I still like a mellow, well-groomed run.

B.   Any run in the ski field but I only go off-piste when the powder is fresh and untouched.    

C.  Steep, steep, steep!


4) What’s your personal level of fitness?

A.   Oh, well…Could be better, I guess. 

B.   I go to the gym three times a week. I need it after sitting at my desk all day. 

C.  Let me just do a quick 30-situps-session before I answer.


5) Have you heli-skied before?

A.   No! But I always wanted to. 

B.   Yes, a few years ago. I loved it but I can hardly remember it, it’s been so long. 

C.  Actually yes, I went out yesterday. Or was it the day before? Or last week?



Type A: The Freshie. You are fairly new to heli-skiing and winter sports but you’re keen to take on new challenges. You might still have some nervous moments, whether it is in the heli or on snow but once you start skiing or boarding down the mountain, everything is forgotten. You are happy to ski more mellow terrain with epic views and perfect powder. With the right guide by your side who is showing you how it’s done, there is a very high chance you might become addicted to the joy of heli-skiing. 

Perfect package: 4-run day

Perfect run: Roller Coaster in the North Harris Mountains 

Perfect guides: Roachie, Whitney, Rich

 Harris Mountains heliski 2019 Heli skier type Freshie

Type B: The Snowlover. You might be a first-time heli-skier or a returning guest but it doesn’t matter because for you it is about enjoying the experience! The snow, the terrain, the mountains, the helicopter: You love everything about it and that is more important to you than the thrill of the steepest slope. You are a medium or advanced skier or snowboarder, you like to try out a new challenge but you also look forward to the legendary lunch break in the snow. You’re looking for a guide who doesn’t mind taking it a bit slow at times but who knows exactly when to challenge you. 

Perfect package: 7-run day

Perfect run: Tyndall Glacier in the Richardson Mountains

Perfect guides: Anna, Mike, Roger

 Harris Mountains Heliski 2019 Heli skier type Snowlover

Type C: The Powderpig. You love heli-skiing with all your heart and have probably done it many times before. No slope is too steep, no chute too gnarly. You can ski any type of terrain in every condition and you love it! During the day you are actually helping our guides because you know exactly how to move around a helicopter, where to place the skis and how to set up the lunch buffet. The worst part of the day for you is seeing the hangar come closer and getting off the heli for the last time. You need a guide who likes to go hard and fast. 

Perfect package: 10-run day

Perfect run: Great Expectations in the South Buchanans 

Perfect guides: Grom, Hugh, Laetitia, Mark, Slappy

Harris Mountains Heli ski 2019 Heli skier type Powderpig

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