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The ultimate heli-skiing playlist
04/11/2019 9:22am

For a lot of people, the experience of skiing and snowboarding is linked to a particular song. They have it in their head when they put the boots on, they sing it out loud when they’re on a really great run or they think of skiing and snowboarding whenever it’s playing. 

We’ve asked our guides about their ultimate heli-skiing song and these are the results: 


Hugh: “Better than something” by Module


Pete W.: “Magdalena” by Perfect Circle


Anna: “Low rider” by War


Deano: “We gotta get out of this place” by The Animals


Rich: “Head for the hills” by Iron Maiden


Laetitia: “Mal de terre” by Mamaku Project


Pete B.: “What is hip” by Power of Tower


Grom: “Mellow Marmelade” by Tash Sultana


Whitney: “Telephone” by Captain Beefheart


Rene: “Autumn leaves” by Niko De Rohan


Andy: “Shape shifter gravity” by Pitch Black 


We recommend that you take all of these songs and make it into a Spotify-Playlist. It will remind you of great skiing and winter whenever you listen to it!

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