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Christmas Winter Wonderland or Festive Summer Paradise?
12/01/2018 2:00pm

It’s January and the Christmas season is done for another year. The tree has come down and we’re all recovering from our overindulged Christmas antics… so it got us thinking about next year. Will it be the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere for you?

Some of us have been lucky enough to experience both and keeping an open-mind is key. Trying both is worthwhile and if unsure, why not alternate - after all it comes every year! Winter wonderland, mulled wine, Christmas markets and twinkling fairy lights to bring the magic alive – Or do you prefer the feeling of long hot summer days, the smell of tasty BBQs and listening to the echoes of live music while it’s still light out. Depending on where you spend your Christmas, things can look completely different… so what’s your season of choice?

A Southern Hemisphere’s Christmas is quite different to the traditional festive images that come to mind – but us Kiwis have been celebrating in the heat for donkey’s years. You all know we love the snow, but sometimes it’s nice to take that break and enjoy time with family and friends in the scorching summer sun. Whether you’re in Australia or New Zealand, its well known that the days are long and celebrating means grabbing your jandals and sitting outside with a glass of Sav in hand, the BBQ sizzling and everyone looking forward to some yummy pavlova for desert.

For most people around New Zealand, Christmas is an outdoor party whether it be on the beach, lake or even at mate’s house, BBQ’s all the time and using heaps of sunscreen – pop your sunnies on, as you’ll be lapping up the summer rays all day. Life and family gatherings are all outdoors and spent together.

Janals In The Sand

Plus, even though the snow has gone and we can’t Heli-Ski over the Christmas period we’ve got heaps to keep us entertained. Water sports, mountain biking, camping and so much more activities to keep us amused and fully prepped for the winter season ahead! Although, I must say it’s a strange feeling when you’re out and about in all your summer gear, licking your hokey pokey ice-cream and Shakin Stevens, ‘Snow is falling’ comes on the radio… you know all the words but it’s just seems odd singing along out loud.

All of this said, those in the Northern part of the world enjoy something kind of magical with their Christmas season that feels more cosy than cold…. Even if it does rain instead of snow in some parts!

With a brisk chill in the air, everyone is wrapped up in their Christmas jumpers, winter coats buttoned up and heading to the local to sit in front of a warm fireplace decorated in a beautiful Christmas wreath, ready to enjoy a delicious roast dinner with all the trimmings. The dark nights are lit up with fairy lights galore and Christmas markets just around the corner.

Christmas Socks

Christmas is spent indoors but with the whole gang round – whether it be family or friends – games will be played and a mountain of food consumed. After all it’s in no way doom and gloom and all the traditions are right at home. They even have plenty of destinations to guarantee your snowfall. You can head to the Swiss, Italian, Austrian & French Alps. Canada, America, Japan and so many more destinations to deliver the snowy dream of a white Christmas. In fact, even some of our own have ventured over. Hugh Barnard, Harris Mountains Heli-Ski Manager is currently over in Alaska Heli-Skiing and two of our guides Whitney Thurlow & Anna Cook are guiding ski tours in Italy & Norway

So, whatever you choose for next year – make it a December to remember!

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