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Spring Skiing with HMH
15/09/2020 10:16am

September is arguably one of the best times to ski in New Zealand; the sun is hot, the days are long and the snow is varied and epic.

So far spring has been outstanding this season with multiple exceptional powder days. With numerous storm cycles in early September, we’ve had really good winter snow on the southern aspects and excellent spring corn on sunny aspects - the best of both worlds!

Due to the nature of this spring snow, we like to get an early start to catch the best aspects before the sun hits. The longer days allow us to fly further west which enables us access to some fantastic glacial terrain, this terrain not only provides exceptional snow but beautiful views and scenery as well.

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The warmer temperatures of spring means the days are hot and minimal layers are needed. Our picnic lunches are enjoyed in the sun and it's not rare to find yourself in a t-shirt whilst chowing down lunch and taking in the valley views. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunblock!

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Our terrain gets a much larger snowfall than ski fields due to being at a higher altitude and closer to the main divide - this means that our season extends into spring just as long, if not longer, than the resorts. At this point, we are set to be operating until early-October!

Due to upcoming weather systems the rest of spring is looking to be much the same as the first half of September - awesome - with heaps more POW to come! We can’t wait to continue shredding our backyard with all you fellow kiwis. 

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Cheers for making this season so good.

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