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Mid-Season Update 2023
30/08/2023 8:32am

As we come to the end of August, we thought it time for a mid-season update to shed light on an exceptional yet challenging season. 

Weather and Snow Conditions:The season began at a much slower pace than usual as we simply didn’t have the snowfall and coverage necessary to get out there. However from late July and since the beginning of August, we've been graced with some sizeable dumps that finally transformed the landscape into the winter wonderland we all know and love so much. The images and clips we've shared truly speak for themselves – powdery slopes, stunning vistas, and the pure joy of shredding fresh pow! 

Guests and Community:As always, it has been an immense pleasure to welcome back our returning guests from around the world. Your loyalty warms our hearts, and we're stoked to have shared these exhilarating moments with you once again. Equally exciting is the opportunity to get to know new faces who have joined us for multiple days already this season. We're excited to have introduced you to the thrill of Heli-skiing and we know you’ll be back now you’ve caught the bug! 

Challenges and Triumphs:This winter has been highly unusual and has not fit within the typical snowpack conditions of the Southern Alps. Our team has been diligently managing a more complex avalanche hazard than usual. Despite these challenges and limited access to certain terrains, as usual the safety and well-being of our guests have remained our top priority. The positivity and resilience of everyone involved, from our staff to our guests, have truly shone through, making every moment on the slopes a memorable one. 

Outlook:Bookings for August have been full, a testament to the team and the awesome days out we provide! As we move forward into the spring chapter of the season we anticipate the pace to remain steady. The alpine environment is ever-changing, and we're excited to continue providing unforgettable Heli-ski experiences amidst these dynamic conditions. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. Whether you're a returning guest or a newcomer, your presence contributes to the vibrant and tight-knit community that is Harris Mountains Heli-ski. Here's to more pow days, smiling faces, and the shared passion for our epic backcountry!