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20/07/2023 9:09am

Share your day out with us!

We get a lot of messages from you guys reminiscing on your Heli-day, whether it be from last week or from 8 years ago! It’s one of our favourite parts of the job – knowing we get to put together an unforgettable experience in the Powder Playground of your Dreams…

Here’s a wee collection of images that have been shared with us, by you guys, recently.

IMG 0775

“Got this photo with you guys back in 2015, with any luck I’ll get another one in a few weeks time!” – J.R

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“Sept 2019 with the legendary Roger, whom I’m lucky enough to have had as my guide twice” – Fiona

 IMG 0824

“My first time in a helicopter was with this guy – Falls Creek’s Eric Napier (@sanstache58), who was our Heli-ski guide with Harris Mountains Heli-ski in Wānaka. Eric’s since been back home for many years, but I’ll never forget this day back in 1991 with Eric and Tim Vlandis that changed the way I like to ski. Some 200+ Heli-ski days since and I still froth it and work my year around getting in a ‘bird’ with a couple mates and score some untracked runs.” - Harro

 IMG 0825

“This photo is me (in 2018) The lovely lady ski guide took one of us all when we Heli-skied with you on Sunday. Thanks for an amazing experience! Will definitely be back again!” – Louise

“I got my hoodie from you guys in 2012 and its still going strong!” – T.K

Tag us in your content, use our hashtag #hmhpowder day, and please continue sending in those messages and memories. Here’s to many more unforgettable days ahead!