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Our Heli-Ski Guides In Summer
13/11/2017 10:00am

You’d imagine that after an exhausting winter of heli-skiing and guiding every day, you would be looking forward to a quiet summer?! Well, we can tell you, they aren’t. Every single one of them love what they do so much that they can’t stop! Most of the team are heading overseas for more epic adventures.

Let’s take our chief guide Mark Sedon for example: Mark will be running ski touring adventures to the Antarctic Peninsula and Greenland. He is even planning to meet one of our heli-ski guests from last season in the eternal ice!

Manager Hugh Barnard – the legend that he is - will be heli-skiing in Alaska and BC.

Operations Manager Roger Kingston will be in the Indian Himalayas.

Senior Guides Whitney Thurlow and Anna Cook will be guiding ski tours in Italy and Norway.

…There’s going to be some epic stories when everyone re-groups next year!

Now, this isn’t a new thing, the guiding team love to take their expertise developed here in the Southern Alps with them. In turn, they then bring back from around the globe the latest developments in snow science and guiding practice. This ensures we continue to make our southern hemisphere winter an even more enjoyable and safer place to be.

Not all follow the snow!

Harris Mountains Heli Ski Queenstown Wanaka Mount Cook Guides in Summer Laetitia

While some of the team are choosing to spend even more days in winter, this isn’t the case for all. Some are planning to enjoy a summer in New Zealand – best of both worlds. However, they have more than sunbathing in the pipeline. New Zealand is a land of adventure and adrenaline activities, with its natural beauty and ‘kiwi as’ outdoor living - why wouldn’t you stick around?!

Our Heli-Ski guides love to explore and it doesn't stop at winter – there are plenty of summer opportunities. Take Laetitia, one of our Lead Guides who will be running her summer business, Wanaka Heli Hikes. Mike and Frog will be climbing guides all over New Zealand. Grom, Rene and Jon Imhoof will also be keeping themselves busy by running walking tours around the South Island 

Then lastly but definitely not least, Jono who left for Australia as soon as the season ended. Rightly so and for the best reason. Jono has a new baby and his plans for summer will be to enjoy as much time as possible with his family.

Harris Mountains Heli Ski Queenstown Wanaka Mount Cook Guides in Summer Mountain Saftey

So, if you happen to be out and about in the mountains somewhere in the world – Summer or Winter - the chances are a Harris Mountains Heli-Ski Guide might just pop up along the way!

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