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5 Reasons a Helicopter Beats a Chairlift
02/06/2015 8:29pm

Okay, we’re guessing this is a no-brainer: a helicopter is obviously one of the coolest (if not the coolest) modes of transport for skiing and riding. But because it’s fun to spell it out, check out our top five reasons a helicopter beats a chairlift:

1.  You don’t have to get first chair to guarantee powder turns.

We’ve all been there: rolling out of bed before the sun rises and rushing to the mountain to get the legendary first chair (or at least the first few chairs). Maybe you’ve even made breakfast in the lift line while you’re waiting, if you’re playing the game of G.N.A.R.

Not so with a helicopter. Every run is nothing but powder turns, every time.

2. In fact, there are no lift lines at all.

When you heliski, there’s no one stepping on your skis, no sliding your board ad nauseum in the classic lift line snowboard shuffle. No one cutting in front of you to destroy the high you’re riding from your last run. Just get on your private helicopter at your leisure for your next round of powder turns.

3. Epic views.

Views from chairlifts can be pretty gorgeous. But the views from a helicopter, thousands of meters in the air? Unbeatable.

4. No awkward chairlift dismounts.

We’ve all wiped out at least once getting off the chairlift (whether it’s your own fault or your lift buddies’ fault for running into you). On the flipside, everyone looks cool stepping out of a chopper, no matter the grace of the exit, by virtue of the fact that you’re getting out of a helicopter.

5. It’s faster.

Even the speediest quad chairs at the fanciest resorts can’t compete with a helicopter for getting in some serious vertical. Helicopters take you further, faster, for more powder—hands down.

The best turns of your life are waiting for you. The question is: what are you waiting for? Escape the chairlift and book your winter adventure with us now!

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