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Welcome to 2015 Heli-ski Season. Winter has definitely arrived in the Southern Alps!  Are you ready for your share of powder, to ski & ride fresh lines through snow-white mountains and electric blue glaciers? The team at HMH can't wait to fire up the heli's and take you on an unforgettable back country adventure. Book now for your 2015 Heli-ski experience.





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Ever been heli skiing?

Heli skiing is the ultimate snow experience for a skier or boarder. Interested? Then let us take you into the heart of the Southern Alps – a world above and beyond all others on a heli ski journey.

You’re standing in the middle of an untouched powder-kissed paradise; you click in to your bindings, take a deep breath of pure mountain air and contemplate the majesty of your surroundings. You push off and glide into exhilaration. Powder flies, adrenaline pumps and you soon become a tiny figure amongst the immense silence of the mountain world. At the bottom the helicopter awaits to lift you effortlessly to the top of heli ski peak. Your guide will lead you to the day’s best snow conditions. At lunchtime a gourmet picnic with an unbeatable view then it’s time to do it all again.

This is heli-skiing – the perfect escape from the everyday. The perfect way to recharge your senses.